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Cycle past the magnificent tulip fields in the Netherlands with this cycle and walk route. Discover the surroundings of Keukenhof flower park, hop off at De Tulperij tulip farm and enjoy the hospitality of Lisse flower village. You can cycle or walk the tulip route, which is 15 kilometres long. During the opening period of Keukenhof there are handy signs to follow this route.

The Tulip Route

The Tulip route consists of two Keukenhof cycle routes. Namely the blue Keukenhof route and the purple Keukenhof route. The route is 15 kilometres and suitable for young and old. You mainly cycle over quiet asphalted roads along the flower fields. Because of the shorter distance, the cycle route is ideal to combine with the different highlights you cycle past.

Hop on Hop off sightseeing along the tulip route

The Tulip Cycle Route will of course show you the most beautiful tulip fields around Keukenhof, but there is so much more to see and experience along the Tulip Route. Below is an overview of the best sights along the tulip route. Decide for yourself where and how long you want to visit one of these locations. Please note! For some locations, you need to make a reservation in advance. See the Hop on Hop off locations page for this.

  1. Enjoy the tulips at Keukenhof flower park (note: book your visit here)
  2. Find peace and quiet at the beautiful castle gardens of Keukenhof with children’s farm, restaurant and LAM Museum, which can be visited free of charge. From point 2, cycle straight ahead on Stationsweg / Delfweg. After 1.5 km, you will be at Tulip Experience Amsterdam (note: reserve your visit here).
  3. See the Keukenhof windmill from the tulip fields. Cycle from point 3 straight onto the Loosterweg Noord / Veenenburgerlaan and after 1 kilometre turn left onto the 3rd Loosterweg. After 250 metres, you are at The Tulip Barn (note: reserve your visit here).
  4. Admire the different tulip fields, daffodil fields and hyacinth fields along the cycle route
  5. Visit the Keukenhof forest, a primeval forest where you can still see what the bulb-growing area looked like before the flower fields arrived.
  6. Admire the various fields of tulips, daffodils and hyacinths along the cycle route
  7. The free tulip show garden of can be found a little further along the route. On the Johan Speelmanweg you will find the tulip show garden on the left opposite van der Slot Tulips.
  8. Visit the unique tulip bulb farm De Tulperij (note: reserve your tour here)
  9. Admire the various fields of tulips, daffodils and hyacinths along the cycle route
  10. Go back in time on the estate of ‘t Huys Dever
  11. Cycle the centre of the flower village Lisse
  12. Take a look in the ‘Cathedral of the Bollenstreek’, the St. Agatha Church
  13. visit the cosy restaurants on the Heereweg in the centre of Lisse
  14. pay a visit to Museum De Zwarte Tulp in the centre of Lisse

Due to the short distances between the highlights, the Tulip Route is suitable for all ages.

When is the tulip route at its most beautiful?

The season of spring flowers starts from Thursday 21 March to Sunday 12 May 2024. During this period, various spring flowers bloom. Besides the famous Dutch tulips, you can also enjoy the daffodils and hyacinths. During this period, the Keukenhof flower park is also open and is also located along the cycle route.

Please note that the flowering of spring flowers depends on the weather. Keep up to date with the flowering of the flower fields through our free Flower Alerts on our Facebook and Instagram

Experience the story of the tulip with the Tulip Route

The Tulip Route aims to provide the cyclist with a real experience. We have made a free route description for the route, which can be downloaded below.

Price of the Tulip Route

The Tulip Route can be cycled for free by first following the blue cycle route and then the purple cycle route. Along the road, the coloured Keukenhof cycle route is hung up. Via the free route map below, you can also easily follow the route.

Route description Tulip route

You can easily cycle the Tulip Route by following the blue and purple cycle route signs during the opening of Keukenhof flower park. You can see and download the free route map below.

Start locations and times

The Tulip Route has no fixed order and can therefore be started along the entire cycle route. Are you travelling from Amsterdam, Haarlem, Leiden, Schiphol Airport, Noordwijk, Noordwijkerhout or Katwijk? Then take the special Keukenhof buses to the tulip fields.

Below are the best starting locations for the tulip route:

Start locationFacilitiesNavigation address
Tulip Park KeukenhofPerfect starting location if you want to combine the tulip route with a visit to Keukenhof tulip park.
Suitable for own and rental bikes
Reserve your parking day ticket for € 10.00 with your Keukenhof ticket
Rent a bike at bicycle rental Keukenhof
Toilets available
Attention: Book your Keukenhof visit and parking ticket here
Stationsweg 166a
Bike rental Lisse LemonBikePerfect starting location if you don’t go to Keukenhof and need a rental bike
Free parking for customers of Bike Rental Lisse
In addition to renting out city bikes, you can also go here for electric bikes, tandems and electric scooters.
Only 2.5 kilometres walk from Keukenhof tulip park
Veenenburgerlaan 73a Hillegom
Centre of LissePerfect starting location if you are going to cycle the tulip route with your own bike and are not going to Keukenhof.
Free parking (note: at some parking locations blue zone applies max. 2 hours). The addresses here are to parking locations without blue zone.
Only 1,5 kilometres walk from Keukenhof flower park
Westerdreef off 105
Bondstraat off 1
Heereweg off 249

Bike hire at Keukenhof and the flower fields

You can easily cycle the Tulip Route with your own bike. However, do you not have a bike or do you not feel like taking your bike to the Bollenstreek? Then you can easily rent a bike at Keukenhof or bike rental Lisse. See all bike rental locations around Keukenhof here. You can rent a bike along this route at:

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to cycle the route?

The cycle route is 15 kilometres long and takes about one hour to complete. Visiting the highlights will make the tulip experience route a day out. The route can also be shortened.

Will there also be a guide on the tulip route?

No, this route has to be done individually. There are also bicycle tours available where a local guide takes you to the most beautiful tulip fields in bloom and to a tulip farm. For this, see Bike tour with local guide.

Can the tulip route also be driven with a scooter or solex sightseeing tour?

Yes, the route can also be driven with one of the sightseeing tours. For example, the electric scooter, solex and also with the TukTuk.

Can I combine the tulip route with a visit to Keukenhof?

Yes, a visit to Keukenhof takes on average between 2 and 4 hours and can be combined very well with the tulip route. The cycle route is 15 kilometres long and can be cycled within approximately 1 hour. You can decide for yourself whether and how long you will stop at a hop-off location. Please note! To visit Keukenhof you have to reserve your ticket in advance. Look at Keukenhof tickets to book your visit and to reserve a parking ticket.