The Tulip Tour is a bike route and walking route that allows you to fully enjoy the flower fields around Keukenhof. Discover the most beautiful flowering flowers, visit a tulip farm and enjoy the hospitality of the flower villages.

Cycle tour flowers keukenhof

Tulip Tour around Keukenhof

You can start the Tulip route at several points along the route. The most convenient starting point is at Keukenhof flower park. You can park your car all day at Keukenhof car park for just € 6.00. You can already buy your parking ticket online. The route can be perfectly combined with a visit to Europe’s most beautiful spring garden.

Rent a bike at Keukenhof

You can easily cycle the Tulip Route with your own bike. Do you not have a bike or do you not want to take your bike to the Bollenstreek? Then you can easily rent a bike at Keukenhof. It is advisable to reserve your rental bike online.

Experience route

The Tulip Tour is aimed at offering cyclists and walkers a true experience. In addition to the flower fields you will also pass beautiful monuments and you can learn more about the story of the tulip.

The route consists of two Keukenhof routes that are combined to see the most beautiful flower fields. You can therefore shorten the route yourself.

Blue route (5 kilometers / 3 miles)

With the blue route you make a round of 5 kilometers around Keukenhof Flowerpark. You pass the Keukenhof castle gardens and see the flower fields on the north side of the flower park. These flower fields can also be clearly seen from the park, but from the other side you have a beautiful view of the Keukenhof mill.

The blue route also comes close to the FBT Tuinbouw show garden. In this show garden there are many types of spring flowers that can be admired free of charge.

Purple route (10 kilometers / 6 miles)

With the purple route you discover the flower fields on the south side of Keukenhof flower park. On the 10-kilometer route you will pass beautiful flower fields, the Keukenhof forest and ‘t Huys Dever. Flower bulb nursery De Tulperij is also located along this route. A visit to the greenhouse of De Tulperij is definitely recommended.

At the end of the purple route you drive through the center of Bloemendorp Lisse. Take a free look at the St. Agatha church and / or visit the Museum De Zwarte Tulp.

The purple route can possibly be shortened by 1.5 kilometers. Because of this you miss the visit to the Tulperij.

The signs of the Tulip Tour is only present during the Keukenhof season. In 2020 the Tulip Tour can be driven from Saturday 21 March to Sunday 10 May.

Price Tulip Tour

The Tulip Tour is free to bike or hike. If you really want to experience the route, you can buy the experience tour for € 5.00. With this you get a (digital) route booklet with the highlights of the route. You also get access to the audioguide app with which you learn more about the tulip and the environment.

Starting point cycle route

You can start the Flower Tour cycling route at multiple points. A handy starting point is Keukenhof. On the parking lot you park your car all day for just € 6.00. You can buy your parking ticket online. The route is perfect to combine with a visit also Europe’s finest spring garden.

Do you want a longer bike tour? Then have a look at the Bollenstreek Bike Tour of 35 kilometers / 21 miles. This route can be cycled all year round and takes you along the beach, the dunes and the flower fields.