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In the summer, the Bollenstreek is best known for its beautiful beaches, dunes and the extensive Dutch puddle area. From mid-August to October you can also admire many summer flowers in the region. Dahlia show gardens in particular are becoming increasingly popular and are a must for young and old.

Dahlia show gardens

Due to the long flowering time of the summer flowers, there is a lot of time to admire the dahlias. The dahlia show gardens are in bloom from August to October and you can enjoy the splendor of color.

Below, we have listed some dahlia show gardens that are certainly worth a visit. All the show gardens are in the Bollenstreek (bulb-growing region) and can easily be combined with a visit to the beach, the dunes or the Holland lakes area.

Dahlia gardens at Keukenhof Castle

Dahlia show gardens at Keukenhof Castle

Keukenhof’s castle gardens are even more beautiful during the dahlia season because of the various dahlia show gardens that have been laid out there. A walk on the estate is therefore extra special from mid-August to mid-October.

Dahlia Show garden at tulipfarm De Tulperij

Dahlia show garden at De Tulperij

Enjoy the dahlia flowers at flower bulb nursery De Tulperij in Voorhout. This authentic flower bulb nursery is the perfect location to learn more about the dahlia. In addition to a dahlia show garden, De Tulperij also has a picking garden and you can go there to buy the new crop of tulip bulbs.

  • Opening hours: Tue Wed Thu Fri 9.30am – 5pm | Sat 9.30am – 1pm
  • Admission: free
  • Extras: in addition to the dahlia show garden, there is also a picking garden and you can buy tulip bulbs. The show garden is located along the Bollenstreek flower cycle route
  • More information: tulipfarm De Tulperij

FBT Dahlia Show Garden at The Tulip Barn

Dahlia show garden from FBT

The FBT dahlia show garden was originally aimed at the business market. Yet more and more consumers are finding this beautiful show garden. This is partly because the show garden is located along the Bollenstreek flower cycle route.

Cycle route along the summer flowers

We have developed a nice cycling route especially for the summer flowers. The flower route is a varied route where the beach and dunes are interspersed with dahlia show gardens and beautiful monuments. The cycling routes are 35 kilometers long.

Guided tours of the summer flowers

Do you want to know everything about the summer flowers and discover the most beautiful places in the Bollenstreek? Then book a tour of the summer flowers. You can choose from a bike ride with a guide or a tour with an electric Renault Twizy where you get more information via the audio tour.

Do you prefer to go out yourself? Then take a look at our Bollenstreek Tours.

Buy tulip bulbs

The new crop of tulip bulbs (and other flower bulbs) will also be available from August. You can therefore buy fresh tulip bulbs and other flower bulbs from various locations in the Bulb Region. You can also order fresh tulip bulbs online.

Summer flowers events

During the Dahlia flowering period, there are a number of flower events in the Bulb Region.

  • Flower parade Katwijk and Noordwijk
  • Flower event Noordwijk
  • Dahlia flower mosaics in Lisse
  • The Dahlia Days at Keukenhof Castle

Frequently asked questions – FAQ

Many different types of flowers bloom in the Bulb Region. In the summer it is especially the versatile dahlia flower that gets a lot of attention. The dahlia comes in many variations and colors and blooms for a longer period.

The summer flowers bloom in the Bollenstreek from August to October. As soon as the dahlia gives flowers, flowers continue to appear until the end of October. This allows you to enjoy the beautiful and surprising flower for a long time. However, the production fields are topped every week, making the flowers less visible there. If you want to enjoy the dahlia, you can go to one of the dahlia show gardens.

Yes, the dahlia show gardens are freely accessible. Below we have an overview of the free show gardens.

Keukenhof Castle estateFree
Tulip farm De TulperijFree
FBT show gardens at The Tulip BarnFree

The dahlia show gardens are open several. Often you can visit during the day to enjoy the colorful flower.

Yes, De Tulperij has been a picking garden of dahlias since 2020. Here you can pick your own dahlia bouquet.

Yes, a nice cycling route has been developed in collaboration with bollenstreek.nl that takes you along the beach, dunes and summer flowers. The cycling route is free to cycle and can be downloaded here.

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