The most spectacular sightseeing tour is the helicopter flight above the flower fields. The flower fields are already amazing from the ground but from the helicopter, you get a completely different view of the Bollenstreek. The helicopter only flies on 6 days in April and the number of places is limited.

Helicopter flight days 2022

Helikopter tulpenvelden

The helicopter will fly in 2022 on six days in April. Below are the days that the scenic flights can be booked.

  • April 9 – Saturday
  • April 16 – Saturday
  • April 17 – Sunda (Easter Sunday)
  • April 23 – Saturday (Flower Parade Bollenstreek)
  • April 24 – Sunday
  • April 30 – Saturday

Flight times Helicopter 2022

The helicopter flies on a flight day from approximately 11:00 to 17:00. When you book a flight you will be automatically scheduled. If you have a preference for a flight time you can send us an email at with the booking number and the desired flight time.

Location & parking

The sightseeing flights have a different starting location every Saturday between the flower fields around Keukenhof. Each location is accessible by car and parking is possible (nearby) and free of charge.

Prices helicopter tour

A helicopter flight above the flower fields is unique and a very special experience. We advise you to reserve on time as there are only a limited number of places on the flight days.