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With our Flower Alerts, you will always know where the best flower fields can be found in Holland. During the flowering periods of the various flowers, we keep a weekly record of where the flower fields are in bloom. So you can enjoy a visit to the flowers in the Netherlands even more.

Flower Alerts 2024

6 May 2024 |The final days of the Tulip Festival 2024 have arrived. Last week’s beautiful weather combined with hard rain has meant that many tulips have blossomed. This does not mean that there are no more tulips to be seen at all in the last days of this season. The flower attractions KeukenhofTulip Experience and De Tulperij still have the last flowering tulips.

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Type of flower fieldAverage floweringExpected flowering 2024*
Daffodil fieldsmid-March to mid-Aprilearly March to mid-April
Hyacinth fieldsend March to end Aprilmid-March to mid-April
Tulip fieldsmid-April to early Mayearly April to end April
Tulip Experience
21 March to 12 May21 March to 12 May
Tulip Barn29 March to 12 May29 March to 28 April
Dahlia showtuinen10 August to 13 October10 August to 13 October

*Please note! The flowering of spring flowers depends on several factors. The weather and the moment the grower removes the flower from the stem influence the flower fields. At Keukenhof and the other show gardens, different weather conditions are taken into account and the flowers are not removed from the stems. As a result, the flowers at the flower attractions bloom throughout the season.

When do the flower fields bloom in the Netherlands?

The most famous Dutch flower fields are the tulip fields. They bloom from the beginning of April until the end of April. But there are many more beautiful flowers to admire in Holland. In the spring, the hyacinths and daffodils bloom alongside the tulip fields. And from mid-August, the highly varied Dahlia flower can be admired in various show gardens in Holland.

The tulip fields in spring are world famous. Besides tulips, many other flowers bloom in this period. Crocus, narcissus and hyacinth, among others, make the Bulb Region a colourful place. With our Flower Alerts, we will be showing the status of the flower fields every week from the beginning of March.

The flower fields are perfect to discover with a bicycle tour. Several bicycle routes have been developed.

From mid-August until mid-October you can enjoy the versatile dahlia flowers. The dahlia flowers can be seen at the various dahlia show gardens in Holland. With our Flower Alerts we will show you the status of the flower fields every week from the beginning of March.

The flower fields are perfect to discover with a bicycle tour. For this purpose, we have developed a unique cycle route in the summer:

Enjoy the beach, the dunes and the flowers with the Dutch Flower Route | 35 km

Where are the most beautiful flower fields currently blooming?

One of the most frequently asked questions at tourist information offices, hotels and via the Internet is whether the flower fields are already in bloom and where they can be found. Together with a number of partner organisations, we have therefore developed the Flower Map. We provide Flower Alerts via our social media channels. So you always have an up-to-date picture of the flowers in bloom. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.