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Are the flower fields already in bloom? Or when do the flower fields bloom? It is the most common question that comes to us. In this tip we provide the answer. For example, a Flower Map has been developed that shows where the flowers are flowers.

When do which flowers bloom?

Each type of flower from the Bollenstreek blooms at its own pace. The flowering is of course also highly dependent on the weather conditions in the run-up to spring and summer. Below you will find an average flowering period per type of flower. Obviously subject to nature. There is also a difference between flowering on the bulb fields and in, for example, show gardens such as Keukenhof flower park.

Flowering period flower fields

Below are the ‘normal’ flowering periods per flower. The flowering period can differ per species.

  • Snowdrops – February / March
  • Crocus – February / March
  • Daffodil – March / April
  • Hyacinth – end of March / April
  • Tulip – mid-April / early May
  • Peony – May / June
  • Allium – May / June
  • Dahlia – August / September / October
  • Canna – August / September / October

Show gardens and Keukenhof

The show gardens such as Keukenhof flower park plant the flower bulbs in such a way that blooming flowers can always be admired during the opening days of a show garden. Where the production bulb fields are headed as soon as the flower is at its best. The flowers in the show garden will certainly remain in full bloom for a good week.

Are the tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, dahlias and cannas already flowering?

With the Flower Map you can see, for example, whether the tulip fields are already in bloom. But the Flower Map also shows the most beautiful locations with summer flowers in the summer.

Both in spring and summer you can see on this card exactly what the status is of the flowers in the Bollenstreek.

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