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The windmill of Keukenhof flower park is one of the most photographed windmills in the Netherlands. In spring, you can take unique photos of the tulips and this windmill. The windmill is located in Keukenhof and can only be visited with a ticket for the flower park.

About the Keukenhof windmill

In the middle of Keukenhof flower park lies the famous Keukenhof windmill. This mill is one of the most photographed mills in the Netherlands. The windmill in Keukenhof is a so-called tower mill and was built in Scharmer in 1892. The windmill was originally a ground-sailer and functioned as a polder windmill. In 1975, the windmill was moved to the grounds of Keukenhof. The flower park received the windmill as a gift from the Holland-America Line. The windmill is now used as an ornamental object. The mill can turn and has sails of 17.90 metres.

The mill with tulip fields in front

Although the windmill makes for beautiful pictures from the Keukenhof, it is also highly recommended to view the windmill from the flower fields.

Opening hours

The windmill is open during the Keukenhof opening days. In 2024 this will be from Thursday 21 March to Sunday 12 May.

Ticket price

The windmill is located in Keukenhof flower park. If you have a ticket for Keukenhof, you can also visit the windmill. Keukenhof has limited capacity in 2024. Check the availability below and book your visit now

Keukenhof mill in combination with a cycle route

The Keukenhof windmill is also often photographed from the tulip fields. Various cycle routes pass the tulip fields from where the Keukenhof windmill can be seen. These are the following routes: