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With the Holland Audio Guide app you experience the flower fields outside Keukenhof Gardens at there best. With the app for iOS and Android phones you discover the story of the location where you are at that moment.

Holland Audio Guides app

From March 20 to May 9, 2021, the Holland Audio Guide is all about the Tulip Walk or Hike Tour. With this self guided tour you experience the flower fields outside Keukenhof Gardens.

About Holland Audio Guides

With Holland Audio Guides you get the following benefits:

  • Experience the story of the tulip route at its best with text, audio, photos.
  • The story is automatically activated as soon as you pass it.
  • Inspiration about the best locations outside Keukenhof.
  • Routes available during summer and spring
Please note that in the Netherlands it is NOT allowed to ride a bike and hold your mobile phone in your hand. If you bike please stop at an information point to listen to the story.

Download the app for free:

The Holland Audio Guides app is available for iOS (iPhone) and Android phones. Via the buttons below you go directly to the correct download page:

Prices for Holland Audio Guide

The Holland Audio Guide app is free to download. To optimally experience the Flower Tour, you can buy the tour in the app for around € 5,49 (depending on your app store). Are you traveling with several people? Then you choose whether you buy an audio guide for everyone or if only one person downloads the audio guide and tells the story to the rest of your company.

How do you buy an audio guide?

Buy the Tulip bike or hike route

When you buy the Tulip bike or hike route. You will receive a coupon with which you can download the audio guide of your choice. You can buy the Tulip bike or hike route online. The route is also included in the Tulip Festival Card.

Use your coupon code?

When you buy your Tulip walk or Hike route online you will get a coupon code. The Tulip Walk or Hike Tour is also included in various other tickets and cards. If you have a coupon code you can unlock the tour in the app by following these steps:

1. Download Holland Audio Guides app

You can download the app by clicking on the icon of your app store in the article above. Or go directly to Apple AppStore or Google Play

2. Redeem your couponcode

In your confirmation voucher you’ll find your unique coupon code. In the app tab on the settings icon in the main app screen. Then tab on login and enter your email address and your unique coupon code (received in your confirmation email). Tab on Login to download to unlock the tour(s) in the app.

3. Download the Tulip Tour

Once you have successfully redeemed the tour you can tap on the Download button to begin downloading the tour before heading out. When the tour has finished download you will see a Start Tour button.

4. Enjoy the route

You’re now ready to begin the tour experience. Enjoy!

Rent a bike or electric scooter

You can walk the route or cycle with your own bicycle. If you do not have a bicycle, you can rent a bicycle at Keukenhof or at your hotel, holiday park or campsite. Check all rental bike locations. In 2021 you will also have the option to ride the tulip route with an electric scooter.